Corporate Policy



Environmental Commitment

INOAC aims at realizing the harmonious coexistence of human beings and nature

INOAC is committed to environment-friendly businesses in many ways, promoting efficient use of resources, inventing environment-friendly technologies and developing products in consideration of the natural environment.

On the basis of its corporate environmental philosophy, INOAC has established basic environmental policies as guidelines for corporate operation, so as to contribute to the resolution of environmental issues, which continue to grow as social problems.

INOAC Environmental Philosophy

INOAC Group respects the irreplaceable natural environment of the Earth and contributes to realize an abundant and comfortable society through environment-compatible technologies and environment-friendly corporate activities.

Environmental Policies

  1. Reduce CO2 emission as well as developing products to help realize low-carbon society.
  2. Conduct business activities to be trusted by communities through complying with the environmental laws, regulations and requirements.
  3. Endeavor to contribute to a sustainable society with the purpose of saving natural resources and reducing wastes.
  4. Address to manage chemical substances which can impact the environment negatively in order to preserve the environment.
  5. Contribute to our society as a good corporate citizen through participating in environmental conservation activities in the local communities.
  6. Promote an environmental management system to maintain and improve continued environmental conservation.

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