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Wide array of characteristics make Inoac products applicable and most useful to a wide array of industries from automotive, construction, medical, packaging to electronics and other consumer applications.


Chief predetermined design behavior was incorporated into the product to predict performance according to desired outcome.


Inoac materials and products have special characteristics diligently researched and developed to meet specific needs of our customers. Innovation is the key to continuing success of Inoac products.

INOAC Philippines Corporation (IPC) is birthed through the joint venture of two pioneers and leaders in the foam industry – Inoac Corporation of Japan and RGC Group of Companies of the Philippines.

INOAC CORPORATION was the first to develop and market urethane foam in Asia. Today, after over 80 years of ingenuity and more than 30 manufacturing facilities worldwide, INOAC, has grown to encompass a great diversity of production lines including over 300 foam types developed in response to the evolving needs of various industries.

RGC Group of Companies, founded on over 3 decades of growth and expertise in the foam industry, is one of the leading foam manufacturers in Southeast Asia and is the largest manufacturer and marketer of full range automotive and commercial polyurethane foam products in the Philippines. At the forefront of its excellent performance are Uratex Philippines, Inc. and Roberts AIPMC.

Combining the strengths of these two corporate groups in foaming technology and marketing network, IPC was established in January 1998. Since then, IPC has become one of the leading foam fabricator in the industry and has been providing total satisfaction to its customers – which include leading manufacturers.

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