Inoac provides functionally sophisticated, high-performance products in the manufacture of automobile interior parts such as heat and acoustic insulation material for engines and ceilings, spacer, cushion and other parts made of urethane.


Product Application Material
PORON Car navigation LCD </br> </br> LED; Car Audio </br>Revising Camera </br> Cup Holder; speaker </br> Room light; back seat monitor PORON SRS series </br> </br> H series </br> LO/FR series
NanNex Engine cover; battery cover </br> Head light; Fog light NanNex TL series
PE-Z Engine Acoustic; beauty cover </br> Die cut spacer; headliners; pillar trim </br> Light weight hot air ducting LD grade; HD grade; Zotek N
Basotect Acoustic insulation; headliner; wall of door cushion G; G+ ; TG; UF; UL ; RENBLOCK
Transcool Heat insulation; Thermal conductive GT; GS; GP; TG 20; 30; 40; 50 55; 70