PE Type Characteristics
Low Foaming Ratio Series Relatively hard  ・ Has excellent weather durability and can withstand heavy loads
High Foaming Ratio Series Relatively hard ・ Has excellent weather durability and can withstand heavy loads
Electro-conductive Type  Has a lower electrical resistance obtained using conductive additives

Open-cell Products

Open-cell polyethylene foam with higher sealing and sound absorbing properties
Sheet Products Long Sheet products that can be fabricated with a wide range of processes such as vacuum forming or laminate processing
PE Type Applications
Low Foaming Ratio Series Building Joint Sealant ・ Shipping Cartons ・ Cassette Cases Buffer ・ Inner Lining for Tool Cases ・ Book Case Buffer ・ Beat Boards ・ Civil Engineering Joint Sealant ・ Toys (ST Mark certified)

High Foaming Ratio Series

Buffer Materials for Shipping Cartons ・ Cassette Cases Buffer ・ Bookcases Buffer ・ Toys

Electro-conductive Type

Covers of Conductive Cases ・ Buffer Material for IC Transport Cases

Open-cell Products

Car Wax Sponge ・ Body Sponges ・ Stamp Pad Cores ・ Building Joint Sealant ・ Civil Engineer Joint Sealant

Sheet Products

Thermal Insulation for Bending board ・ Automobile Headliner Material ・ Automobile Door Trim ・ Air Conditioner Heat Insulation ・ Fruit Packaging Material ・ Double-Sided Tape