Inoac’s latest polymer tehnologies are used to satisfy the needs of the times. Using EMI-prevention precision moulding technology, as well as the advantages of individual materials, such as rubber, and synthetic materials Inoac has developed various products for office automation equipment and computer packaging.


Product Application Material
PORON LCD gasket; rubber foot; vibration absorption; cushion HH; MX; SRS; ML; MS; MH
NanNex Gasket; water seal cushion TL
PE-Z ESD protection packing; Halogen Free; VOC free; low outgassing LD grade; EV grade
Basotect Thermal insulation for rice cooker; electric pot; microwave oven G . G+ TG; UF
Cell Damper High vibration absorption for Speaker; LCD TV BF-150; 300; 500; 700