1. Lightweight & Durable
Lightweight with high tear strengths for performance

2. Thermal Insulation
Low thermal conductivity for heat insulation performance

3. No water absorption
The closed cell structure prevents water absorption

4. Shock Absorption
With optimum shock absorbing property

5. Weather Resistance
Excellent weather resistance. EPDM-based and NBR-based sponges show no failures after a 72 hour Ozone Resistance Testing (50pphm×38°C 20% elongation)

6. Low Combustibility
Certified Flame retardant to UL94 HF-1 for CR Series and to UL94 HBF for EPDM based sponge(E-4382,E-4338 and F4238)

1. Packing
Shock absorbing material for transporting precision equipment, medical equipment, furniture and glass

2. Construction
Panel material for houses, sash and door packing material for houses, pads for preventing concrete shrinkage, material for open waterways and construction

3. Automotive/Boats
Packing material for doors, trunk seals, shock absorbing pad for hoods, various kinds of duct seals. Lamp gaskets, anti-vibration material for engines, shock absorbing material for meters and other packing material

4. Insulation/Heat Retention
Heat insulating material for air conditioners and refrigerator and showcase seals

5. Sound Proof
Sealant for sound from machinery, packing material for houses

6. Moisture Proof
Water and moisture proof packing for electrical tools, moisture proof packing material for various machinery