G Series A variety of hardness and thermal conductivity to choose from (hardness askerC 20to45; thermal conductivity 1.2~5.0W/mK)
Different thickness available
Good concavo-convex following
With the surface coating technology; easy to assemble by controlled surface tackyness
Environmentally considered material which applied RoHS
S Series Thinness (0.2 mm) and the high thermal conductivity (1.4~1.8 W/mK) are made compatible
A strong adhesion grade and a weak adhesion grade.
Environmentally considered material which applied RoHS
Masa Sheet is a sheet product of the solid silicone rubber which thickness start from 0.1mm with several hardness (without thermal conductive function)

Characteristics Thickness 0.1~0.6mm (The minimum thickness varies by a grade)
Hardness JIS Type A 20~70 ・Color translucence~gray~black
Surface nature glossy or mat
With or without the adhesive tape can be selected
Low silloxane
Temperature range -40~200