1. Low-density polyethylene
Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is used as a general purpose polyethylene foam. The characteristics of LDPE are: bulk density material has excellent impact resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, low electrical

2. High-density polyethylene
High-density polyethylene (HDPE) foaming process is difficult in general method of chemical foaming. LDPE according to the characteristics of impact resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, etc. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a rigid material.

Compared to conventional polyethylene foam, it can be obtained with stiffness.

AZOTE series product range is apparent density from 15kg/m3 up to 45kg/m3.

It is separated into different types as follows.

    • ・ General type(LD-15、LD-24、LD-33、LD-45)
    • ・ High strength and high load type(HD-30、HD-80)
    • ・ Flame-retardant type(LD-24FR、LD-33FM)
    • ・ Antistatic / conductive type(LD-30SD、EV-45CN)

The basic color is black and white. Only to LD-33, there are seven-colors: white, black, gray, red, blue, green, and yellow.

Part No. Type Apparent Density Color Effective Dimensions
LD-30SD Static Dissipative 30kg/m3 Black 32mm × 1000mm × 1900mm
LD-15 General 15kg/m3 White ・ Black 47mm × 1000mm × 2000mm
LD-24 General 24kg/m3 White ・ Black 49mm × 1000mm × 2000mm
LD-33 General 33kg/m3 White ・ Black・ Gray ・ Blue ・ Red・ Yellow ・ Green 27mm × 1000mm × 2000mm
LD-45 General 45kg/m3 White ・ Black・ Pink ・ Blue 27mm × 1000mm × 2000mm
HD-30 High-Temperature ・ High-Strength 30kg/m3 White ・ Black 27mm × 1000mm × 1500mm
HD-80 High-Temperature ・ High-Strength 80kg/m3 Black 27mm × 1000mm × 1500mm
LD-24FR Incombustibility 24kg/m3 Charcoal 27mm × 1000mm × 2000mm
LD-33FM Incombustibility 33kg/m3 Charcoal 29mm × 1000mm × 1500mm
EV-45CN Incombustibility 45kg/m3 Black 25mm × 950mm × 1430mm
EV-50 General 50kg/m3 White 27mm × 1000mm × 2000mm

1. Polyvinylidene fluoride
One of the resin having a fluorine in the molecule, its features are

      • ・ Excellent thermal stability during processing and fabrication
      • ・ Wide temperature range(-50~150℃)
      • ・ Excellent chemical resistance
      • ・ Excellent weather resistance
      • ・ Superior abrasion resistance
      • ・ Superior mechanical property
      • ・ Superior Electrical property
      • ・ Superior gas barrier property

It is an excellent material that is used in many areas such as chemical machinery, packaging materials, coated cables, batteries, paints, films, etc.

2. Nylon
An engineering plastic which was invented in 1934.

It has long history in nylon resin, excellent in heat resistance and cold resistance and chemical, which is widely known material for goods to building materials, electrical parts, general machinery parts.

Part No. Type Apparent Density Color Effective Dimensions
F-30 BMS 30kg/m3 White 23mm × 1000mm × 2000mm
F-32 Heat resistance ・ Chemical resistance 30kg/m3 White 23mm × 1000mm × 2000mm
F-40HT Heat resistance ・ Chemical resistance 40kg/m3 White 23mm × 1000mm × 2000mm
NB-50 High Thermostability 50kg/m3 Black 29mm × 950mm × 1950mm