What is Azote?

AZOTE is high quality foams with special expansion process of polyethylene resin.
Polyethylene is very historical material that was invented in 1933, also it is the most familiar dissolved in the life In modern times. AZOTE uses 2 types of different characteristics polyethylene resin.


What is ZOTEK?

ZOTEK, engineering plastic foam, is high-performance foam obtained from nylon resin and polyvinylidene fluoride resin.

ZOTEK series is divided into a PVDF type of ZOTEK F series and Nylon type of ZOTEK N series.
ZOTEK F series product range is apparent density from 30kg/m3 up to 75kg/m3. As a concrete lineup, there are 3 products F-30、F-40HT、F-75HT.

ZOTEK N series is NB-50 only. Apparent density is 50kg/m3.